How Mystery Shopping & Audit can help the Beauty and Wellness Industry

Beauty and wellness industry is booming now-a-days, owing to rapidly changing lifestyle, global trends and rising disposable income. This industry comprises of Salons, Spas, Gyms, Slimming Centers and with growing number of Beauty & Wellness Centers at every nook and corner, it has become vital for a brand to offer differentiated services to enhance overall customer journey and ensure customer loyalty. Therefore, Mystery shopping and Audit plays an important role in assessing the hygiene, adherence of SOPs and overall service experience right from booking an appointment to billing.

Channelplay offers Mystery Shopping and Retail Audit services which can help the beauty and wellness centers in gauging the center’s hygiene and SOP compliance and integrity check of the staff. Following are the types of operational concerns faced by beauty & wellness centers and relevant services to assess adherence to SOP’s:

1. Center Hygiene | Through Announced Audits: The exterior cleanliness and branding creates an impression in consumer’s mind to step-in. Service Hygiene is a reflection of how clean and well maintained the interiors are. The parameters which are evaluated as a part of announced audit are:
  • Exterior Hygiene- Signage & Branding visibility and condition, Exterior Cleanliness;
  • Interior Hygiene- Reception area cleanliness, Display of offers, Appropriate lighting, Temperature, Service menu condition, Furniture condition, Well-organized product display, Washroom hygiene;
  • Service Room and Equipment Hygiene- Well-organized Service room, Availability of desired equipment and their condition, Sterilizing equipment, Product shelf-life;
  • Staff Hygiene- Uniform, Grooming standards, Name tags;
  • SOP Compliance- Employee attendance & Hygiene Checklist, Maintaining Bill Records
2. Customer Experience | Through Mystery Shopping: Customer experience is evaluated right from booking an appointment to service standards and billing experience. The parameters evaluated through Mystery Audit are-
  • Appointment booking- Time to respond to call, Greeting and introduction, Staff knowledge, Confirmation of customer details and time;
  • Welcome- Greetings, Offering a welcome drink, Waiting time, Allocating staff, Assistance till service room;
  • Staff Interaction & Service standards- Greeting and Introduction about service availed, Providing fresh clothes for changing, Product knowledge, Up-selling skills and Pitching Membership Plans, Hygiene of beds & equipment used, Staff sanitizing hands before starting service;
  • Integrity Check- Checking for breach by staff using different scenarios like providing extra service by taking cash instead of system generated bill, providing free sample, conducting home visits for cheaper service etc.

Channelplay provides an unbiased feedback and detailed insights about the experience which enables a brand to identify training needs and identify deviations from defined SOP’s and take corrective measures.

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