Keeping Your Team of Sales Executives Engaged During Current Pandemic of Covid -19

We all are going through a very difficult and unfortunate time due the unprecedented impact of Covid -19. I am sure, the impact it will leave at an overall level will be much more than one can fathom. At the same time, economy is also under tremendous stress due to prevailing uncertainty. There are lots of speculations going on and like all of us, last mile field sales executives are also falling prey to this speculations. But it is important for brands to keep the last mile field sales executives engaged and motivated.

Let’s look at few important activities which can be planned and executed to help the field sales team engaged and motivated so that when time comes, they are ready to go out there and perform from the word go.

  • Keeping the regular activities going:
    We can figure out things the field sales team can still perform from daily routine activities they used to perform when market was operational. Basis the same, a daily task routine can be devised and the same can be reviewed at regular frequency – e.g. marking sign-in and sign-out attendance, connect with distributors, retailers, existing customers & prospect customers etc.
  • Regular Trainings:
    Structured virtual trainings plan can be planned and executed. Trainings can be on product/services they are supposed to sale and also on soft-skills. Pre and post training assessment can be planned to plan the content and measure the effectiveness of the training.
  • Regular communications:
    All the regular relevant communications can be kept flowing. It should be two way communications. It can be the daily virtual huddles to understand their well-being, reiterate the safety measures one should take, progress on the regular activities they are supposed to do, email communications, quizzes, surveys to gather feedback to improve processes and operations etc. it is important to establish the feeling that we all are in together and the brand will be supportive to the extent possible to help them sail through this unprecedented time together.
  • Devising engagement activities for field sales team:
    It is important to plan activities which can be driven through the field team – few examples can be –involving selected executives to train the rest of the team through train the trainer sessions, involving them in creation of quizzes, involving them in driving huddle calls, driving contest to create newsletters where the best one will get published to the extended team etc.

In times like this- few things are controllable and the idea is to focus on the same and keep the positivity going to the extent possible. And, when the time comes, where market will start opening, the will be prepared to live with the New Normal and perform within the New Normal.

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