Must-Have Shopper Features in Mystery Shopping Software

Ease of usability of the mystery shopping software is as important as the aesthetic appeal of the Mystery Shopping Software. Making a good impression amongst a mystery shopper is critical for the mystery shopping software as it should be easy to use and navigate as well as it need to look aesthetically appealing. Most of the mystery shopping platforms tend to ignore this aspect of their software and try to inculcate multiple features in their software. The mystery shopping software should be easy to use and easy to understand for a layman. The Mystery Shopper Software provider should focus on keeping it simple rather than making complex features in the software which are difficult to understand for the mystery shopper. Following features must be there in the mystery shopping software to help the mystery shoppers with their jobs:

  • Ease of finding jobs/opportunities: Finding opportunities and applying for them should be like a breeze with intelligently designed mystery shopping software which will enhance the user experience. The software should have an intuitive user experience which should make applying for the jobs feel like joy rather than a choice. The system should give the option to the shopper to view all the jobs available for an audit, allowing the shoppers an option to change his/her location in matter of seconds
  • Shopper training and certifications: A mystery shopping software should allow the users to train and educate their mystery shoppers on how they need to perform the audit. Through training and certification program the project administrator can teach the nuances of the audit to the mystery shopper. Each client requirements are different hence training the mystery shoppers to fulfill that they are provided with some or the other training prior to the audit. Hence through the training module the shoppers will thorough of what needs to be performed during the audit. A mystery shopping software should have an interface where the mystery shoppers are able to view the training content in form of presentations, PDF’s and videos.
  • User friendly mobile Application: A mystery shopping app is a very crucial weapon in the arsenal of any mystery shopper worth his or her salt. Through the mobile app the mystery shoppers rely for capturing proofs and reporting. A mystery shopping app must have a bundle of features like audio recording capability, offline access, geo-tagging, shopper navigation assistance and multimedia upload. For an auditing app, it’s a must to have audio recording and video recording capability as it helps the mystery shopper to record the interaction with the location staff. It is a common scenario that shoppers on field have a tough time in finding the audit locations, hence the mobile app should offer a technological solution where the location of the outlet is geo-tagged and the shopper can simply navigate towards the exact spot for the audit location
  • Notifications/Reminders: It is important to keep the mystery shoppers informed if a mystery shopping organization wants to keep them engaged. A mystery shopping software must be capable enough to keep the shoppers up to date by triggering real time notifications and reminders on all the significant events. The notification must be generated as soon as an action is performed without any lag

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