Questionnaire Design Best Practices in Mystery Shopping Software

Every mystery shopping client is unique in its requirements from a mystery shopping software. The parameters and variables revolving around each operation also come in permutations and combinations of varying degrees.

The mystery shopping software needs to be extremely flexible to be able to accommodate any and all of the requirements that a client may have.

The first step in this direction is to create by default as many question types in the questionnaire creation tool as possible so they can be directly used when the questionnaire is being created. These include standard question types such as open ended, multiple choice, single select etc.

There are many question types which may be exclusive to certain clients, instead of doing workarounds and playing with the questionnaire structure it is often easier to have the question type developed in such a way that it is permanently added in the pool of default questions so that it may benefit other clients also.

The mystery shopping software should also have the capabilities which will allow the client to clone the questionnaires. Once a questionnaire is created in the system the project users should have the functionality with them through which he/she can clone a questionnaire and the questionnaire will get created in the project through just one click.

Apart from providing different types of questions, a mystery shopping software should allow the users to apply different validations on each and every question type. Some of the validations could be providing option to the mystery shoppers to upload proofs in any type of questions or making some questions mandatory.

A mystery shopping software should provide virtually infinite possibilities of arranging questions into various sections and subsections and assigning different scores to each question right down to the individual options. Dependent choices enable questions to disappear or become visible to the shopper based on the option selected. Dedicated questionnaire creation tool allows the user to upload pre created questionnaires in excel or make their own by  just dragging and dropping questions and sections into place.

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